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Tim Jo is an actor born and raised in Texas. He was most recently a cast member on the short-lived FOX baseball drama, “Pitch”. Tim was also a series regular on ABC’s alien sitcom, “The Neighbors” and the TBS 80's college comedy, “Glory Daze”. Currently, he is working as a recurring guest star on a popular drama known to make people cry. That's all he can say for now.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys playing the bass guitar, skateboarding and working out. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Hannah and red toy poodle, Andrew.

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R: When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career as an actor?

T: I was in freshman year of college, taking random classes to fill up my liberal arts electives. I had always identified as an introvert, so I have no idea why I chose to take an acting class. Either way, our first assignment was to sing a song in front of the entire class. It was meant to break down your inhibitions, get students to crawl out of their shells. Now I don't know what came over me but when it was my time to perform, I let it loose. Everything. I rid myself of my 'quiet introvert' armor and slipped into a different state of mind. I remember not only surprising my fellow classmates and professor, but myself as well. That was the very moment I was bit by the bug. Oh yeah, I'm a terrible singer and the song I chose was “I'll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan.

R: How important was it to you to get an education?

T: To be honest, finishing my college education was more of a way to buy time with my parents as I tried to convince them to let me pursue an acting career. I jumped from Archaeology to Computer Science to Business until I finally landed on Communications and Drama. I moved to Los Angeles after graduating and that's when the importance of education became my priority. I enrolled in as many classes as I could take, putting my acting training above all else. I still coach and take classes regularly.

R: How do you see yourself making a positive impact in the entertainment industry?

T: Work is a blessing and I am overwhelmed with gratitude every opportunity I get. Thus I always treat each job as a gift and try to spread as much kindness to everyone I come across on set. At the end of the day, I think that's the most impactful thing I can do. Just be a kind and decent person, spread love.

R: Did you ever have any doubts or fears to pursue your dreams and how did you overcome them?

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T: Absolutely. In fact, I just overcame the most difficult years of my career thus far. I could not land a job for two straight years, my finances drained several times and I resorted to selling my belongings, including my dream car, guitars, etc. The doubts were strong and eventually my fears even disappeared. I came to a place of peace with letting go of my dreams. I only overcame this latest hurdle by the grace of a past professional relationship and am now back to work. Which actually ties into the previous question. Be kind- it goes a long way.

R: Who is a director that you would love to work with and why?

T: I want to work with an Asian American director on a huge film. For two reasons: One, I want more Asian Americans to be directing huge films. Two, I want to be in a huge film. 

R: What has been the greatest moment or experience in your career so far that you’ll never forget?

T: The most recent phone call to my parents by letting them know I was offered a job - a lifeline. It was tearful, to say the least.

R: Who is an actor you love or would have loved to work with dead or alive?

T: How spoiled am I to say that I have worked with my top two choices already? I shared a scene with Al Pacino in a film a few years back called, Danny Collins, and I am currently working on a show with someone I have admired from afar for years. He has exceeded every bit of hype surrounding him AND he leads with kindness. 

R: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

T: Give yourself permission to be an artist. Sounds redundant, right? Well, as a Christian I often let my core values drive my acting choices, wanting to make all my characters a good example. It was hearing this advice that shaped a new understanding of my job as an actor. My role as an artist is to fully embrace and shine an honest light on all aspects of the human experience, the light and the dark and all the beauty between. 

R: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of acting?

T: I play bass guitar in two bands. My first band, SGLA, is the worship ministry at my church, “Sovereign Grace LA”. The joy I get from serving with this team is easily up there with my best acting gigs. My second band is a punk trio called MUCH BETTER. We're loud, we're fast and we're a lot of fun. Come check out a show! Music from both bands are on all streaming platforms.

R: Favorite movie of all time?

T: Can't choose just one! Toy Story, The Matrix, The Truman Show, About Time, Jurassic Park, That Thing You Do!, The Nightmare Before Christmas & Crazy, Stupid, Love. To name a few...

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