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Sawyer Key is musician and singer/songwriter from Atlanta and Houston and is now based in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram to keep posted on upcoming music and shows and check out our interview we did with her down below!

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R: When did you discover your drive to be an artist?

S: My mother is a sculpturer, painter, welder, and pianist. To list her mediums of art would take a towering amount of time but I credit my existence to my mother, and my drive to make a career as an artist to my upbringing. I've been driven to create tangible forms of art to connect with other humans on a emotional and spiritual level since I could grasp the concept of it. Also, I think everyone is an artist. Making a career out of it is a choice.

R: When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in music?

S: When I was 7 years old dancing to Beyonce's, "Baby Boy", in the living room of my home in Atlanta, Georgia. I pretended that I had a lush diamond suit on and thought, "I'd love to wear a whole diamond outfit and travel the world singing in it one day". Here I am, still dancing to, "Baby Boy", in my bedroom.

R: Who are some of your most cherished influences in music and why?

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S: I was heavily influenced by R&B and Hip-Hop in my pre-teens and teens. I'm proud to be from Atlanta and Houston, both prominent locations of these magical genres of music. I honestly did not have icons growing up because I've always been into an eclectic mix of all facets of pop and underground culture. Of course I have a list of artists I connect with on a higher spiritual, emotional, musically intellectual frequencies, but let's just say my most cherished influences in music come from personal pockets. For instance, my choir director, a performer on the streets, the sound of a tea kettle whistling, a memory I have of one song or artist that heightened my senses and left an imprint on my heart... Those kinds of moments influence me more than specific people.

R: Who is an artist that you would love to collaborate with?

S: Frank Ocean or Dev Hynes.

R: What message would you like people to take away through your music?

S: I want a listener to feel so touched that they end up coming to a realization that they are more than capable to create something themselves.

R: How has your creativity helped you in embracing your true authentic self?

S: I believe that in every season of growth, I breakthrough more and more individuality. Individuality to me doesn't mean being as original as possible for the sake of being original. Creativity is everywhere and all around us, being creative coincides with changing perspectives on the world daily. If I allow that to empower me to be more free from within, I become more secure and confident in my body and mind.

R: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career thus far?

S: My answer may change tomorrow because I discover different revelations in lessons I've learned from years ago over time, but right now I am learning about music business/law/politics. Though it may sound ruling for me to say that, it's my least favorite aspect of this path I've taken, but it is. I'm learning that knowledge is power. It's vital for everyone to strive to know the glamorous and not so glamorous parts of their industry.

R: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

S: BE YOURSELF. So radically simple.

R: Was there ever a moment you considered taking a safe route instead of following your dreams?

S: Absolutely. Don't do it.

R: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of music?

S: I love to fill my brain with visuals, colors and moving pictures are like drugs to me. I'll take hip-hop classes at Millennium Dance Studio or Playground sometimes. I'm not a huge fan of hiking or bar hopping, but I'll go wherever friends are because it's not about where you are, but about who you're with. Unless you're in your favorite Japanese garden or meditative park. Urban exploration is alluring to me- people watching, diving into different cultures within LA, trying new authentic restaurants, walking around fashion district buying fabrics, going to Koreatown to feel more at home buying from the Korean and Japanese markets. This question is fun, I just wish someone was talking back to me telling me their hobbies which leads me to say that intimate hangs is something I enjoy deeply. Traveling, I don't know many people that say traveling isn't one of their "hobbies". I love traveling so much that I would make it into a lifestyle for a phase of my life. A different place to appreciate and find hidden gems in every month sounds magical.

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