Voting is the simplest thing I can do to demonstrate my patriotism. I am proud to say that I have been a consistent voter since the day I turned 18 and I am grateful to have grown up in a family who takes politics and social justice seriously. But, I must say it did come easy as it was necessary being American Latino’s (trying to transition to using the new and more appropriate term, “Latinx”-google it!).
Voting and staying politically active wasn’t just just a way to pay homage to those who fought for me for my voting rights as a woman and POC, but simply because my family experienced first hand what it’s like to face prejudice as POC (still do); getting involved was not a choice, it was a necessity for change.

I vote because it is how we have a referendum on our leadership. Voting is the most imperative way to remind politicians that they work for us and this gives us an opportunity hold them accountable. No doubt it is certainly easy to feel overwhelmed by lack of knowledge to current news or lose track of it, but as long as we do our best to educate ourselves, I know that’s all we can do to move forward together as a country. Additionally, I stand firm with the saying, “If you see something, say something.” I understand people may want to avoid a lot of bad news we are being fed especially within this political climate, but just know that if you are able to overlook what you see happening and not get involved, consider yourself privileged. Actually, we need to remind ourselves that the real privilege is our right to vote! Voting isn’t always about what your needs are, but the needs of other people-there will always be a need and I also believe that the media could do a better job at encouraging young voters. Don’t let their lack of encouragement (could also be their agenda) to allow you to believe that your vote does not matter-IT DOES.
I vote because I want my opinion to count, and I want to hopefully help those who deal with oppression and injustice.

I vote for those who cannot vote including immigrants. I vote for the next generation. As young adults, it is up to us to set the bar by taking action for the greater good of our country. I personally want the next generation to know that we proudly and happily paved the way for them so they can win and become even greater leaders than us.
If you have a minor or a family member that is one, I encourage you to take them with you to the polls! It is so important for them to not be intimidated by voting and learn the importance of using their voice and gain confidence. You can even let them cast your vote for you; it is such a great way to get them even more involved in the process!
There is still a very short amount of time left for some states to still register if you haven’t yet. Will you join me? Get your coffee and sticker ready for a selfie showing that you voted for the Midterm Elections on November 6, and tell me why you vote!

Peace and love, peace and love

Marisol de Jesus