New Beginning's

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HELLO! Welcome to Recess Magazine!

I think it is no coincidence that our first online issue is being released in the beginning of Summer, a season most known to reflect, rejuvenate, rest and reset. It didn’t purposely happen that way, but I think for the first time this year I took my New Years Resolutions seriously and contemplated where my life was heading and what avenue to cross next. Not that I was at a crossroads or wanting to choose a different path, but I realized how selfish I had become by focusing on my own desires and dreams and not feeling like I was helping others for the greater good.
The theme of this month as we approach this new season is called “New Beginnings”. We all have a calling and story to tell. I believe we can all learn, grow, and be inspired by one another because one thing that I believe we all have in common is a purpose.
Before taking my New Years resolutions seriously this year, I struggled with heavy depression and anxiety. Much to my dismay, I found it hard to do anything purposeful. These passed few months of 2018 I’ve tried so hard to pick myself up again and not allow my fears and doubts of myself have a stronghold in my life anymore. Somewhere deep down inside, there was a hope. Hope for a better day, hope for better present and future, but most of all, a hope for strength and willingness to press on with understanding and respect for where I was at and not judge and shame my journey or be afraid to ask for help - I’m still a work in progress!

Recess Magazine is a community driven by young adults of the creative spirit. A place where all can find love and acceptance. Recess does not discriminate and though we won’t claim that we have all the answers, I hope that somewhere in this community you can be encouraged, moved, and inspired. All of our experiences are different and that is what makes us unique.
We will post a few times a week, giving you your weekly dose of young adult wisdom and creativity. So while you are stalking the Kardashian’s on Instagram (or am I the only one?) we are here to make you feel like you’re not alone when you feel like you’ve given up or don’t know what direction you’re heading next. Though it's inspiring to learn about the beginning stages of those artists we admire, how about the journey? The beginning and the journey are just as special as the result, if not more important, and we are here to celebrate just that.

Living in Los Angeles, it is pretty much impossible to go anywhere without coming across a young adult creative, trying to make their art into a career. Or sometimes it’s too easy to focus not only on our outward appearance, but also on success and overlook our struggles.
Whether you are an already “established” actor, singer, model, dancer, etc, or hustling to make things happen, I hope that this community can encourage you.

I would like to give a huge shout-out to the artists, photographers, writers, illustrators, and all the collaborators for your time and belief in Recess. Thank-you, for your time and efforts which go beyond measure - I am eternally grateful for you.
Welcome to the RECESS!


Marisol de Jesus