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“Failure is an important part of your growth and developing resilience. Don’t be afraid to fail.” -Michelle Obama

Dear Recess, this month’s theme is on “Adventure”. I’d be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t find this topic extremely difficult to write about. Simply because I’ve felt for a while now that I am not living my life to it's truest potential, the adventure I would hope to be on, and rather I often feel like life can be quite boring and mundane.

I once heard a woman who I look up to that is of great influence, a mother and wife, say “yeah, sometimes life can just be boring at times”, and I was grateful for that reassurance. To be honest the adventures I look forward to right now are trips to the nail salon, waking up early on a Sunday (truly a miracle) to go to the Flea Market, forcing myself to put on a bathing suit despite my insecurities of my body to go to the beach (don’t judge my journey), and monthly trips to Disneyland (thank-you annual pass! I pay a bill of $18 per month for my pass that I sacrifice over a gym membership, don’t get it twisted).

I used to find it easier to plan grander adventures but as we get older (welcome to the world of a young adult), it’s not always as easy as greater responsibilities kick in. Going through a season of mental health issues doesn’t make it easy. Anxiety and depression definitely does not make it easy. But the only way through is recognizing where you are at, and sometimes that means starting small, even as simple as getting up to go to your local cafe to get coffee and talking to a trusted friend instead of staying home.

We all have different adventures we want to go on and want to achieve. Sometimes that also means being prepared for things not work out, whether that be a relationship, a vacation not going the way you’d planned, or a business that failed. Michelle Obama said it best, and if we don’t get over our fear and make a leap to the adventures that await us, we will be disappointed down the road if we never even gave it a try. With each failure comes a new adventure that awaits you. Isn’t life so much better having had the courage to try than to not? It’s possible there may be failures, but I believe that failures can often times lead you in the right direction, the path that you’re supposed to be on towards your calling and purpose. Don’t spend the rest of your life sleeping on your dreams. Go after them. If you don’t do it, someone else will.

So go on with ya bad self and receive today on this new month ahead that cheesy yet powerful saying we all know: 

“Believe. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


Marisol de Jesus