I hope you'll dream.

Illustration by Rachel Ritt

Illustration by Rachel Ritt


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to Recess. Thank-you for following along with us this far and we hope you enjoyed the holiday hiatus! Whether you actually celebrate the holidays or just had time off to be with family and friends, we hope you were surrounded by love.

We had not initially planned on going on a hiatus, but we eventually recognized that we as a staff should also practice what we preach and found it imperative to take a “mental health break.” Honestly, the holidays can be rough for people, and I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t have my own share of struggles as well. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even buy a Christmas tree (I always do), because I was truly just exhausted and overwhelmed, but it was actually a peaceful Christmas which is exactly what I needed. Of course I still exchanged gifts and bought gifts for my loved ones, but the decorating just didn’t seem important this year and sometimes that’s okay.

But as this holiday season came and passed, it made me reflect a lot and I recognized even more how important our mental health is. This time makes you realize who your real friends are, whether or not you conquered the dreams you wanted to achieve that year, how important family is (doesn’t necessarily have to be blood related), and it’s when you begin to start setting goals for the following year. This coming year I want to put extra focus on loving myself more, flaws and all, and loving others more. Which means showing grace to myself and to others. I want to have more fun, learn more, and try to be open to whatever life has to offer with the desires of my heart.

I want to have courage and bravery to conquer my dreams, but with fear by my side. The start of this year I realized that I have been escaping fear for so long yet not embracing it. Being fearless can actually lead to a reckless life, so sometimes we need to have a little bit of fear to help discern our choices and have basic survival since it’s only job is to do just that: keep us safe. But when I can show grace to my fear and acknowledge it’s existence, I can let it know that it’s welcome to come along with me on the journey, but it has no say in my choices. Therefore, being fearless is actually misleading because without fear, we cannot truly conquer the big dreams that exist inside of us and must accept both fear and bravery’s coexistence. We can recognize their relationship and strive forward but with bravery leading the way. Chasing after our dreams does not require you to be fearless, it requires of us to be brave.

Friend, I hope you will dream this year and I hope you will have the courage to be brave. I believe in you.


Marisol de Jesus