Adventurous shows and films: Deidra Shanell


Deidra Shanell has won the hearts of many with her wit and mesmerizing way of captivating audiences. She has starred in several short films including "Tulip Hill" and "Stevie & The Warehouse", a colorful drama. Waste no time getting to know this gem.


Knight Rider (1982-1986) created by Glen A. Larson
Michael Knight, a man on a mission to fight injustice. My dad and I watched "Knight Rider" faithfully. The theme song alone would be so exciting and I anticipated the adventure every time, and every time I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to travel along on these action filled journeys with Michael Knight and my dad beside me.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990-1996) created by Andy Borowitz & Susan Borowitz
My family always called me a female Will Smith and I agreed with them. I'm goofy, always getting into something and getting out of trouble by making my parents laugh. Watching "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" helped me to open up more as I was growing older. At first I was shy and in my shell at school, but at home I was this super animated individual. I began to open up and the quality of my teenage years became much more adventurous. So I thank this show for that.

Charlie's Angels (2000) by McG
3 Kick Ass Women! Yes! Females fighting for good, being tough, and looking sexy is definitely a dream role for me. I think every girls alter ego is their own Charlies Angel character. The most adventurous parts of this film and what makes it such a dream role for me is that Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu were able to play so much within their initial characters. Dressing up as so many different characters to conquer a mission seemed like the best gift an actor could get. I absolutely hope to have an experience and a role like this some day soon.

Girl, Interrupted (1999) by James Mangold
Now this is a story based on the writer herself, Susanna Kaysen. I've literally watched this film over 20 times... and you're probably thinking, "how is this an adventurous film?" Well, to me there are many forms of adventure and one of them is - emotional. Kaysen's stay at a mental hospital was an emotional adventure for me because she met and grew into this intricate relationship with a group of women who are all, in some way or another, facing a mental unbalanced situation. They find themselves torn between people who belong in the mental hospital and the even more depressing world of real life and the people who live freely. To me this was a mirror of a universal emotional connect that everyone in some way can relate to. I can go really deep on this one but to keep it short, we all as humans protect ourselves and we unconsciously develop these protective disabilities to survive the abusive or disturbing realities of our lives. It could be low self-esteem, being a victim of bullying, physical abuse as the character, Daisy, faced and etc. I think you see what I'm trying to say. This film touched me and we need more like it. And of course my hand is raised to play a role in a story like this. I guess you can say I'm a girl interrupted by emotions, relationships, and human connections.

Forrest Gump (1994) by Robert Zemeckis
This film touched me for different reasons. I recall seeing this and again immediately getting emotionally involved with Forrest and his journey from a difficult boyhood to adulthood. He found his escape and what eventually made him happy - running. We always hear the words, "do what makes you happy" however, very little amount of people actually do and that is mainly due to fear. Fear of failure or not being adequate in what they desire. We all have fear: physical and mental. Forrest had both, however, he conquered his fears and well... he ran. This translates to me as an adventure of finding happiness and joy. I was so inspired by this story because we all desire happiness and to do what we love and Forrest showed us we can. It only takes courage. Forrest had courage.

Illustration by Amil Barlow

Illustration by Amil Barlow

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