The beauty and complexity of being biracial: Chantelle Gibbs

Photo by  Ethan Haddox

Photo by Ethan Haddox


Chantelle Gibbs is a curly-headed native of Los Angeles with a love for puns, musical theatre, and lightly sweetened kettle corn. She fell in love with words at a young age, writing original songs and stories whether or not it was a part of the homework assignment. She currently teaches communication and coaches improv at a local private university while fueling the dream as an aspiring actress and musician. She is learning, slowly but surely, how to practice the art of seeing others and the world with whimsy and wonder.

Chantelle gives inspiring advice on how being biracial has not only had moments of struggles that she’s had to overcome, but shares how it adds beauty to our world and the necessity to see more diverse representation in pop culture.

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