Facing Cultural Differences: Jason Tenandar

How many pennies are in a million dollars? Though Jason Tenandar might not know the answer to that question, he does know a thing or two about food and animation. Having spent 18 years growing up in the small city of Bandung, Indonesia, Jason moved back to Los Angeles in the summer of 2010 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. While in college, Jason had opportunity to hone his craft through working with New Media companies such as ISAtv and Wong Fu Productions. Upon graduating in 2013, Jason decided it was time for him to pursue his dream of working for the Walt Disney Company. Growing up, Jason would watch and rewatch all the Disney Feature Animations and thought this was the perfect time to make a career change and hopefully contribute to making timeless classic films everyone could enjoy. He moved on to work at companies such as Scott Free Productions and Dreamworks Animation before landing his first role in Disney as a Production Associate on the show "Star Vs The Forces of Evil". He is currently a Production Coordinator at Disney TV Animation and continues to help curate content that people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures can enjoy.

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