Playlist on Adventure: Jemayka Henderson

Illustration by Rachel Rittwage

Illustration by Rachel Rittwage


Jemayka henderson was born in Seattle and spent her childhood in different parts of the US. Her teen years up to the present she resides in Los Angeles. Growing up she loved musical theater and excelled in onstage performance, but it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles that she knew music was going to forever be a big part of her life and has a huge passion for music and young adults who live in the city. In March of 2018 she was featured on artist Chocolate Punk’s first single titled “Freedom”. “Freedom” was written on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and was inspired by his activism that changed the globe. “Freedom” is available to listen on Spotify and Apple music and you can listen to it now on our page!

"Sunshine" by KYLE ft Miguel

This song is the epitome of adventure to me. As someone who lives in Southern California, this is the perfect song to drive anywhere and remember you live in a
place considered paradise. Many of KYLE’s songs have that young at heart feel that make you want to go out, explore, and have fun.

"Coming Home" by Leon Bridges

This song sounds and feels like an escape to me. It takes you back to a 1960’s vibe that is like a dream. It’s so easy to sit and listen and get transported to a time when everyday life was simpler.

"Fantasy" by Alina Baraz

Fantasy is an amazing song. When I found this song I listened to it on repeat for weeks. It’s calming and all I can picture while listening is waterfalls in Hawaii or something. It’s the perfect song to listen to with friends by the pool on a summer

"Drive" by Pretty Sister

Much like Sunshine, this song makes you want to drive through the streets of LA and stare at palm trees. The carefree vibe makes you feel like you're transported into adventure mode. The promotion of the strong culture of LA is probably my favorite part, especially when he mentions Tupac in the bridge. 

"A Love Bizzare" by Shelia E

If you have never heard this PLEASE look it up. It’s an oldie but a goodie. This song features the one and only Prince. The lyrics talk about the realization that everyone wants love and adventure. No matter how hard life may be, we need to remember to always escape for a while. To look up at the moon and dance on a roof.

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