Interview with : KIMONO PAT


Combining out of a world of creativity, cutting edge music, and vocal artistry, Kimono Pat is a singer/songwriter, producer and engineer based in Los Angeles. His musicianship began early by playing drums and piano in just the 3rd grade, playing trumpet throughout junior high and college, all the while honing his skills as a solo recording artist. Having lived in Spain and raised in Alabama, he finally decided to settle in California after studying music at both Alabama A&M and the Los Angeles Recording School. Final Fantasy IIV and it’s music opened him up to animation and anime which inspired his love for Japanese culture and is evident in his creative choices, hence the name, Kimono Pat. He continues to work as a producer for other artists in LA while living out his own dreams: producing, writing, singing, and engineering his original content. Check out his new song, “Lonely”, down below and keep up with Kimono Pat on Instagram.


R: When did you discover your drive to be an artist?

K: That’s an interesting question. I don’t think I ever had a “eureka” moment where my mind was set on becoming an artist. I just always had a passion for certain things, and I refused to let that passion die. When I was a kid I didn’t identify with words like “drive”, “passion”, or “artist”, but for many many years I just did music because I enjoyed it. Not even because I was good at it, but because I really enjoyed it - I didn’t begin to discover my drive until I began to see other people give up. In my young mind I couldn’t understand why someone would give up on something they were once so passionate about. But as I grew older I began to see the many distractions and/or responsibilities that could easily alter ones plans. There’s been plenty of times I wanted to give up, and it’s in those moments that you really see how much drive you have and my drive is always strengthened by having the confidence to be transparent about who I am: the good, the bad, the ugly.

R: What inspired your newest song, “Lonely”?

K: When I wrote this song, I was in a very interesting place. I was doing a lot of reflecting on how I’ve hurt people, questioning if I deserve love, and thinking I would be better off alone. So, when I started writing the song I had no direction, it was just my thoughts with no hook. I assumed that it would be this dark, morbid song, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. As I sat with the verses and as I sat in my feelings, out of nowhere the words, “never leave me lonely”, just came to me. I realized that regardless of what I’ve done, who I’ve hurt, or how much I try to push people away I would never be alone. 

R: You have such dope style, where do you draw inspiration from?

K: I draw inspiration from mainstream pop culture with a futuristic edge. Of course, I’ve always been intrigued by Japanese culture, so it would make sense that I’m influenced by their world as well.

R: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of music?

K: Music takes up so much of my time but anime is definitely on my list! I’m always doing music but I’m currently learning a new language (if that counts). I’m definitely an, “Otaku”.

R: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

K: The best advice I’ve received was to fall in love with yourself, then you’ll attract the right people to fall in love with. I’ve received a lot of good advice but I think this one is so important in today’s climate. There are a lot of people who are having difficult times trying to find genuine friends, and they’re willing to deny a part of who they are in hopes of “fitting in” with circles they were never meant to be in. Love yourself and what you do, and I can guarantee you’ll attract the right people.

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