Interview with Floral Designer: Hannah Jun





Hannah Jun is a florist and model from Hawaii. She studied Sociology and Theater at UCLA before pursuing a full time career in entertainment. She has been featured in various campaigns and commercials ranging from McDonald’s, Fiat, Coca Cola, Apple and more. Her passion for flowers and design led her to create her own floral business, Hana by Hannah, and she has been creating florals for individuals and businesses around the greater Los Angeles area. She is passionate about bringing a little joy to all her clients through the beauty of floral design. In her free time, she enjoys Netflix binges with her husband,Tim, and doggy, Andrew. 

1. What inspired you to become a floral designer and start your own business?

None of it was planned! I started by helping a friend out with her wedding. One friend was in charge of the cake, another in charge of a photo-booth, and I was given floral duties. I have always had a passion for design, so I enjoyed the experience more than I could have imagined. After the wedding, more and more friends began asking me to design florals for their events. Soon, I discovered that a new career had fallen into my lap.


2. How has being a floral designer encouraged you aside from being a model?

As with any job in entertainment, rejection is a constant in modeling. No matter how hard you work or diet and exercise, you are never guaranteed a booking. As a florist, I love that I can work on an arrangement for hours or an event over several days and when my product is delivered, I get an immediate response. I love being in charge of my own success and working hard for it. 

3. Did you have any doubts or fears when pursuing a career as a floral designer?

Being self taught, my doubts and fears were that I was not arranging properly and caring for the flowers correctly. So I enrolled in floral classes to learn the basics, got properly trained and am now in the process of becoming certified.

4. Where do you get your flowers?

At the Los Angeles Flower Mart.

5. How did you build your kit and what are the basic supplies someone should have who is interested in floral designing?

I built it through experience. With each new event I realized I needed different types of tools. My kit is rather large now, basically a "Mary Poppins" bag. I have everything! I would say the basics are your floral shears and a floral knife. Also, an apron with pockets!

6. There are so many different ways to arrange flowers. What are some of your most favorite ways that you enjoy the most?

I have built so many different types of arrangements ranging from wall installations to archways, to garlands, to flower towers. But my most favorite type of arrangement is actually vase arrangements. They are classic and really give designers an opportunity to show their individual style.

7. How did you achieve your current style?

I take lots of inspiration from the "interwebs" AKA Instagram. Similar to fashion, floral styles go in and out of trend so it is very important to have your finger on the pulse. I love trying out new designs and putting my own character into them. I’m very detail oriented in my designs and love texture and depth. I definitely love using as many types of ingredients as I can! 

8. What has been your biggest highlight or moment so far from a client?

My favorite moment and reason why I love my job is the first “oh my goshhhh” I get from clients when I deliver my florals or when they see the final product/space. I love making my clients happy and seeing their reactions. 


9. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received on starting a business?

Have office hours. As a business owner you create your own hours but you also need to have a healthy work-life balance. Working is good but you need to enjoy family time as well. Also, there’s a difference between being ambitious and greedy. Don’t overbook yourself because you don’t want to send out bad quality products. Only accept orders that you can manage and guarantee the quality because whatever you send out is a representation of your quality and brand. 

10. Other than modeling and leading your own business, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Relaxing while watching TV with my husband and doggy. Sitting in my massage chair. Date nights at new restaurants and a movie.


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