Couple goals: Alexis & Aaron


R: Who are some model influencers that have greatly inspired you and why?

Alexis: “Of course I could mention the countless models of the 90’s that inspired me when I was young but I’m going to go with someone who presently inspires me, Ebonee Davis. I grew up watching her on ANTM and many of us models know coming from reality TV like ANTM and trying to make it in the fashion industry, more often than not the industry labels you and does not take you seriously but Ebonee has defied all odds. She has grown so gracefully into an amazing model all the while maintaining an active voice politically. I’m inspired by models that use their platform to inspire and spread love and positivity and I think she does just that plus more.”


R: What inspired you to do modeling and what are your aspirations in the future?

Aaron: “My wife Alexis actually inspired me to do modeling. Since we were teens Alexis has always represented a model of color with class and strong passion. Her vision inspired me to create my own picture of success and pursue it. My aspirations are to be able to use modeling experiences to prepare me to further pursue my martial arts training for on screen stunt work. I love martial arts, specifically trained in Kendo, and I see myself working in the stunt industry in the near future.” 


R: How would you like to make a positive impact in the fashion industry?

Alexis: “I would love to just be able to inspire people to enjoy the present more. I have always been such an uptight, structured person when it came to life plans. We make plans and life goals but tomorrow is never promised. So do what you feel now with no regrets. I don’t believe there is a structure to life anymore, it should simply be lived positively through the things that bring you joy.”


R: How has modeling shaped the way you see the fashion industry?

Aaron: “At first I thought being a model was as simple as 1-2-3, take a photo, smile, don’t smile, lol, but it’s more than just snapshots, it’s a true work of art. Your position, the lighting, wardrobe, bringing a mental vision to life all matters when it comes to capturing that perfect moment. There are so many attributes that play a role and I am mind blown and have much more respect for professional models.”

Marisol de Jesus