Evolution of Style: Ruth Genota

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R: How would you describe your personal style and where do you get inspiration from?

Ruth: “My personal style has always been about juxtaposition. I like mixing girlier looks with something edgy or sporty. Also, most of my personal style is about comfort. Growing up, I would always try to fit in and wear clothes that I would see my friends or women in magazines wear that just weren’t meant for my body type. But now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve learned lessons along the way on how to style with what works for me. So, I love being comfortable! Especially with having a more athletic figure, not everything fits me the way it should. I draw most of my style inspiration from movies I grew up watching to sifting through clothes in thrift/consignment stores, to the street styles of Melrose. I absolutely love and draw inspiration from flea markets and just putting things together that normally wouldn’t go together. I love wearing maxi skirts with combat boots or wearing a band t-shirt with a plaid skirt. It’s all about balance for me.”

R: Who are your biggest fashion icons and how have they changed throughout the years?

Ruth: “My biggest fashion inspiration has always been model, Alexa Chung, and singer, Hayley Williams, from Paramore as well as some of my favorite bloggers, Aimee Song and Claire Marshall. All these women have polar opposite styles and I love drawings bits and pieces from all of them. I’ve definitely kept the same style just a bit more polished now that I’m older just like all of my fashion inspirations. They’ve stayed true to themselves but just a little bit grown up. I also believe that we live in a climate where women are now more outspoken and feel more free in living their truths so that translates a lot to their style evolutions compared to 10 years ago when I really started loving fashion. I am now comfortable and confident in my own skin that my style has become almost unapologetic and true to how I feel on that day.”

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