Chu and Andrias


R: How has fashion inspired you artistically as a dancer?

Chu: "Fashion and dance are major ways I express myself. I choreograph to music that I'm feeling really connected to and when I perform or film it, the outfit completes the vision and brings them to life. It's part of my art, creating a vibe with movement and style."

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R: How would you describe your personal style and where do you get inspiration from?

Andrias: "My style is called 'rolling out of bed cozy'. Sometimes I'll wear the same fit I had on the night before. I guess it's lazy dress up, however no one ever knows... until right now. The key is to have interchangeable clothing pieces. A lot of the inspiration I get for my style is from anime and my friends. All the homies are skaters and musicians. Anime is something I've always watched since a little guy. Looking like an anime character is high key goalie."

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R: What is your best advice for staying stylish and trendy for those who want to stay on a budget?

Chu: "Reuse and recycle!!! Thrifting is essential, not only do you get the best for the low but you also find pieces that no one else has. I'm always finding treasure at the thrift store and mixing my own sauce into them. Make your own sauce!!"

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R: How can modeling help break stereotypes through the fashion industry?

Andrias: "Most of the time not every fashion mag I stumble upon will have models that look like me. Which is fine, but it's just cool to see a rainbow of fashion icons, ya know? Hopefully, I can offer that splash with modeling." 

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