Jhon and Alexa

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R: When did you first discover your drive to be a model and how can you help create positive change in the fashion industry?

Jhon: "I first discovered my drive to become a model when I saw imperfection in myself. Little did I know, imperfection was just a mental blockage that I would use as a tool to drive self motivation. There’s many lanes and positions for models; there is no set image for what a model should look like or be. I am a freelance model and I choose assignments that I feel would benefit my social life and I'm striving to become a public image for people to look up to in the industry. People are fascinated by what you can do outside in the world. I see myself as multi-talented and I also see others in the same way. I want to motivate people to try and do everything their mind wants to bring to life, and hopefully this can bring a positive change in the industry."

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R: Who are your biggest fashion icons as performers and how have they influenced you?

Alexa: “I love artists that aren’t afraid to take risks and are fully committed to their looks. Rihanna accomplishes it in such an effortless way; her outfits never look forced, but they’re always a showstopper. I can only dream of walking around the streets of Soho in a gigantic heart-shaped fur coat like it’s no big deal.
One of my favorite fashion moments in my career thus far has been the opportunity to wear designs by David Dalrymple, who has created ensembles for iconic performers like Britney Spears and Beyoncé. I had to pick up something from his studio one afternoon and I thought to myself, ‘This is where the magic happens.’ His designs are not for the faint-of-heart, which makes me love them even more.”

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R: What fashion designers are you inspired by and how have they influenced you?

Jhon: "My biggest influence has always been Kanye West. However, I don’t agree with everything he has to say but he is the only person I see on a global scale exercising his rights of free speech. I’m inspired by how much free will I see and his effect on the urban community. What inspires me the most is his career transition from musician to fashion designer. We all have ambitions, but the ability to bring your ideas to life no matter how long the journey takes is motivational."

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R: How would you describe your personal style and where do you get inspiration from?

Alexa: "My style tends to be influenced by my surroundings. I recently moved to Los Angeles from New York, and the laid-back, west coast vibe has crept its way into my wardrobe (like wide-leg pants, vintage pieces, and lots of denim). I like to pair unexpected items together and make a statement, even if it’s subtle. At the moment, I’m loving the 1990’s and early 2000’s references throughout fashion; it takes me back to my childhood and a more carefree time.”

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